Our Mission

By striving to honor God and each other in all we do, the Rhonda Eldridge Center for Healthy Aging aims to positively influence the senior care community by developing easy to implement, evidence-based best practices. With these scientifically proven methods, we believe our seniors will achieve better outcomes. With better outcomes comes a better quality of life. When a better quality of life is achieved, we believe, the entire community benefits.

Research focused on improving the lives of the senior population.


Current Research

Indiana Healthy Skin Initiative

Primary Objective
Establish and maintain standardization in geriatric skin management, with an emphasis on promotion of healthy skin, and mitigating negative outcomes, such as pressure wounds.

1) Promote healthy skin
2) Earliest detection possible of skin integrity issues
3) Evidence-based best practices in treatment of pressure wounds
4) Sustain best practices in all areas indefinitely

Advisory Board
• Homeview Center of Franklin
• Franklin United Methodist Community Res & Com Care
• Marquette
• Pleasant View Lodge
• Northwest Manor Health Care Center
• McGiviney Health Care Center

Executive Committee
• Mark Prifogle, HFA, ICYB, FACHCA - CEO and Group President of GrandView Health Services and President of the American College of Health Care Administrators - Chair
• Kristi Lieb, MD - IU Health and Pres of IN Medical Directors Association
• Dea Kent, DNP, WCC, PhD - Community Hospitals of Indiana, participated in ISDH Wound Initiative Executive Committee 2007-2009
• Evelyn Catt, MHA, CSSBB - retired, but formerly Lean Six Sigma Expert for IN Hospital Association and IU Health, statistician and participated in ISDH Wound Initiative Executive Committee 2007-2009
• Barb Sword, RN, HFA - Director of Clinical Services, Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation
• Julianne Andrews - Smith & Nephew

Patient Outcomes Program

Tracking successful completion of therapy and complications for the long term care service line for AccessRN.

POP will be tracking the life of each catheter placed and any complication or obstacle that prevents therapy from being completed in the long term care setting. The goal of vascular access and infusion therapy is to obtain vascular access and complete the prescribed therapy with one device and no complications. Complications do occur and tracking the patient outcomes will help provided data that could change current practices to provide the safest, most cost effective measures.

A prospective approach to data collection will be taken. Each Sunday, Tuesday and Friday an assessment will be conducted by a vascular access clinician trained to collect the specific data via telephone with the bedside nurse responsible for the patient in which AccessRN has placed a PICC or midline catheter. The facilities participating will include lines placed with the following affiliated pharmacies: Pharmerica, Bluegrass, Grandview and PCA. Monitoring will be conducted until a minimum of 150 of each type catheters are assessed. The time frame will likely be 6-8 months. At this interval the data will be compiled and continuation will be evaluated. Data collection tool (see attachment) is to help clinician gather all the pertinent information and can be carried with the clinician for convenience when making calls. As the data is collected, it will be entered into an Excel spreadsheet to compile the information in one location. Different spreadsheets will be maintained for each individual pharmacy location. The spreadsheets will be kept in Sharepoint in order for all participating clinicians to access with ease for review and update.

After data collection is completed, all reasons therapy was not completed will be categorized as well as all noted complications. A summary will be presented to the Executive team as well as participating pharmacies. Protected patient information will be confidential as well as specific facilities and pharmacies.

Contact Information

Our website is currently being developed. Please contact Mark Prifogle at GrandView Health Services if you need more information or have any questions.